3 Natural Ways To Help Your Anxiety

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As you may have heard on the radio lately anxiety can affect anyone and everyone. Anxiety can be well hidden or in some instances it shows loud and clear. For some it can be a one-off stressful or worrying event, or for others it can be more persistent and turn in to a chronic mental health condition.

Whether it’s a one-off instance or a persistent feeling there can be numerous triggers for anxiety – genetic predisposition, work stressors, traumatic life events, abuse, physical disease, and even family/relationship issue.

The fundamentals of naturopathy are to understand the underlying cause and to properly address to cause for effective treatment. This is still the same case for any mental health conditions such as anxiety. However being able to understand and address the underlying cause often takes time as all our minds work differently and some may take longer than others to process the sudden awareness or change in emotions.

Not to fear, there are natural ways to reduce your symptoms and assist in helping you cope in the moment. Everyone is different, and everyone’s coping mechanism is different. It’s best to try a variety of solutions or even a combination of solutions to see what works best for you.


Natural Supplements:

A dietary and lifestyle change is always recommended when looking at addressing any health conditions, even with anxiety. In addition to dietary and lifestyle changes there are several natural supplements that can assist in calming the nervous system, nourish a stressed body and clear the mind.

1. Magnesium

Magnesium is well known in aiding muscle recovery but did you know your body actively eliminates magnesium when anxious? This actually becomes a domino effect as when you’re deficient in magnesium the body releases more stress hormones, and stress can lead to feeling more anxious. To avoid this snowball of anxiety and stress combined, ensure you have optimal levels of magnesium either absorbed through food or with the aid of a magnesium supplement.

2. Glycine

Another catch 22 or domino effect is your sleep quality. Poor sleep quality is a primary trigger for anxiety, however quite often anxiety disrupts or causes poor sleep quality. Ensuring you’re meeting the 7-8 hour recommended shut eye time is ideal in combating your anxiety symptoms. Amino acid such as Glycine can be beneficial in affecting sleep quality, and as a result it’ll ideally help with your anxiety.

3. B Vitamins

Going back to stress being a primary trigger for anxiety, B vitamins are an essential vitamin as it produces calming brain chemicals, and synthesizes the drivers of stress (adrenaline and adrenal hormone cortisol). However the more your body is under stress the more your body demands B vitamin, so healthy levels of B vitamin is vital to support your body during times of increases stress which quite often is also when your body is feeling anxious.


There is no medicine or supplement in the world that can undo traumatic life events, or any current problems you may be having. However it is possible to feel clam, centered and in time free from the grips of anxiety by incorporating the supplements listed above, making dietary and lifestyle changes, and lastly, giving your anxiety time. Time is a powerful healing technique. It works differently for everyone, and on a range of different health symptoms.

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