Transform Your Life

Have you been suffering from any of these conditions for a really long time?

  • Find difficulty losing weight no matter what you try?
  • Brain fog, memory loss, confusion?
  • Period problems?
  • Fatigue or exhaustion?
  • Muscle pain and weakness?
  • Low immunity and always feeling run down’?
  • Mood swings, anxiety or depression?
  • Stomach pain or irritable bowel?
  • Allergies?

Does it affect your quality of life & you just wish you could find a life long solution instead of pharmaceutical drugs or a band-aid?

The proven fact is 90% of your health issues can be resolved by treating your gut.

Our revolutionary ‘99 Days to Transform Your Health Program’ provides a real, long term solution for a healthier life – not just a quick fix that masks symptoms. We get right down to the root cause of your problem & fix it from the inside out.

Your program includes these 7 key benefits…

* Fortnightly consultations with one of our specialist Naturopaths

* Support calls in between consultations to coach & guide you every step of the way

* State of the art testing at the beginning and end of the program so we can measure your results

* A comprehensive treatment plan tailored specifically to you and your body

* A guide book outlining what to expect throughout your journey

* A personal diary to journal how you’re feeling and your progress to good health

* A phone in hotline service that you can call during office hours should you need any further support.

This program has been created by the Feeling Healthy team based on our collective years of experience on what works best for clients who want a genuine long term solution. For years we have heard how our clients have suffered with issues that take the joy out of day-to-day life. It impacts not only themselves, but their families as well.

The ‘99 Day Program to Transform Your Life’ represents incredible value and experiences that will keep giving you a return for many years. That’s our goal at ‘Feeling Healthy.’

This is an intensive program for a small group of clients & we have limited spaces available, so end your suffering today & call us NOW to find out more.

For more information, call us on 96875333 or email on reception@feelinghealthy.com.au