Naturopath Yarraville

Rosanna Mosca

Senior Naturopath & Counsellor

With over 25 years of experience, Rosanna Mosca has a vast variety of tools and techniques to help you make your life and health the best it can be.

After completing her degree in Naturopathy she went on to study everything she could about the mind and gained qualifications in Clinical Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and Counselling.

We are all made up of energy and energy can be changed. Emotion is energy in motion. If there is a blockage of energy or emotions this creates dis-ease in the body.

Once it manifests in the physical body, the stage is set for illness and disease and it needs to be treated on a physical level, e.g. through nourishing the body, removing toxins, and eliminating inflammation.

To truly heal you need to transform the energy on whatever level it has manifested whether it be physical, mental, spiritual, emotional or nutritional.

Rosanna conducts a series of tests to ascertain where your body is out of balance. Armed with this knowledge, she will then support you in the way you can need most.

To meet Rosanna and book in for a complementary Health Discovery Session please call reception on 9687 5333 or book online.

Naturopath Yarraville

Rebecca Screen

Naturopath/Health Coach/That Sugar Ambassador

“Sow the seeds for health, not disease.”

You will go beyond nutrition to discover the many ways to best nourish your body to live your healthiest life possible. With personalised treatment specific for your wellbeing and the right combinations of nutritional and lifestyle improvements you will feel completely supported to reclaim your health.

For over fifteen years Rebecca has worked with patients who are tired of wondering why it is taking so long to conceive naturally, feel sluggish and having trouble losing weight, have had enough of feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed, want to eliminate the confusion around what to eat and what is best for their body, or have painful and heavy cycles and much more.  You may be tired all the time, worried, unable to enjoy your life to the fullest and desperate to stop feeling exhausted. Rebecca can incorporate diagnostic testing to discover what is happening in your body and the reasons for their health concerns.  You will understand how to correct this for optimal health and wellbeing for the long term.

Rebecca specialises in:

  • Fertility: unexplained infertility, lengthy time trying to conceive etc
  • Fatigue, anxiety and stress
  • Hormones: PMS, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, fibroids

Signature Naturopathic Health Coaching programs Rebecca offers are:

  • A Healthy Body Is A Fertile Body or 99 days to transform/reboot your fertility
  • Bust your sugar cravings

Rebecca is thrilled to be a That Sugar Ambassador. “Helping people live their healthiest life possible by finding sweetness in other ways than sugar.”

Rebecca recognises the impact of diet on health and the effects of a high-sugar diet.  She sees it every day with her clients who come to her for help with problems such as weight management, food cravings, mood swings, low energy and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).


Without a doubt, what goes into our blood, affects our cells, tissues, organs and even thoughts. We feel different when we eat meat or broccoli, compared to a packet of chocolate biscuits. Fortunately, by making healthy changes to diet and lifestyle, health can be improved and risk factors reduced. Rebecca’s goal is to educate as many people as possible about the effects of sugar in the body. This includes how to find sugar in everyday food, easy ways to reduce sugar and helping people go beyond nutrition, to discover the many ways to best nourish their body, and make the necessary changes to lower their sugar consumption.  That’s right, lower sugar intake.  It’s not about quitting sugar!

Merril Bowater

Naturopathic Nutritionist

Merril has recently joined the team at Feeling Healthy and is now in her 10th year of practice as a Naturopathic Nutritionist.

Throughout this time, she has helped countless clients regain their health and wellness, with many experiencing the best health of their lives.

Consultations include an assessment of her client’s diet and lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies and the use of integrative pathology tests to get to the root cause of the health concern.

Treatment revolves around dietary and lifestyle recommendations and nutritional/herbal supplementation.

Merril has experience in treating a wide range of health concerns, however, skin conditions, chronic thrush or candida infections and women’s hormonal health, in particular perimenopause, are special areas of interest.

With a strong desire to provide natural healthcare solutions to clients in Melbourne’s inner western suburbs, Merril is available for consultations on Tuesday & Friday mornings, Wednesday afternoon/evenings and Saturday Mornings.

Merril’s in house testing centres around the
The Body Composition Test

This is a powerful test which is quick and easy to do in
the clinic during your initial consultation. A detailed Report
of Finding is then discussed at your next consultation.

This test can help you to pinpoint what types of weight you are
carrying and this can then be used as leverage to burn fat or
increase muscle. Or simply as a measure of your overall health.

For instance, it can also tell you if your metabolism is slowing or if you are
dehydrated. Both of which can be a underlying cause of many health issues.

This test measures your bone and muscle mass, metabolic age and
rate, hydration status, visceral fat mass (found in the abdominal area and
dangerous for heart disease,diabetes and cancer) in addition to overall
fat mass. It also gives you a physique rating which is a
description of your frame.

And even if you have no issues with your weight, it is very empowering
to see your overall body composition rather than merely weighing yourself
so see how may kilos your overall body weighs.

Changes can be tracked in future consults and it also allows you to set
goals to improve your body composition over time.
Integrative Pathology Testing

These test are done on an individual basis and are sent out to our
specialized pathology lab for analysis.

The include the following:

Female Hormone Tests
Thyroid Tests
Candida Tests
Mauve Factor Tests
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

and many more…

There’s no doubt that living or working in a thriving city such as Melbourne
is fantastic. But as with all cities, it comes at a cost to your health.

Every day we are exposed to pollution from trucks and buses not to mention
invisable exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation from our phones,
TV’s, computers, wi-fi, etc

But as bad as these things are, our internal environment is also a source
of toxins. Whether it be emotional or dietary our bodies are under constant

Which begs the question….how do we stay healthy while living in a toxic
environment? Click here to find out more

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