Introducing Feeling Healthy and Yarravilles own Sugar Ambassador – Rebecca Screen

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How exciting to officially announce that Feeling Healthy and the Yarraville community has it’s very own That Sugar Film Ambassador – Naturopath, Rebecca Screen.  “Helping people live their healthiest life possible by finding sweetness in other ways than sugar, is one of the many reasons I am thrilled to be part of the That Sugar Film Ambassador Program.”

Bec Professional photo black and white 4Rebecca recognises the impact of diet on health and the effects of a high-sugar diet.  She sees it every day with her clients who come to her for help with problems such as weight management, food cravings, mood swings, low energy, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and blood sugar imbalances.







Rebecca is passionate about all things health and cares deeply about sharing the key messages of That Sugar Film including:

  • We are eating too much sugar
  • Be aware of ‘hidden’ sugars
  • Many foods commonly perceived as ‘healthy’ are high in added sugar
  • Reduce added sugars, but don’t remove natural sugars
  • Sugar in its natural form in fruit, vegetables and dairy can be good for most people’s health
  • Sugar is part of a bigger nutritional picture
  • The leading health risk for Australians is now diet

Without a doubt, what goes into our blood affects our cells, tissues, organs and even thoughts. We feel different when we eat meat or broccoli, compared to a packet of chocolate biscuits. Fortunately, by making healthy changes to diet and lifestyle, health can be improved and risk factors reduced. Rebecca’s goal is to educate as many people as possible about the effects of sugar in the body. This includes how to find sugar in everyday food, easy ways to reduce sugar and helping people go beyond nutrition, to discover the many ways to best nourish their body.

Rebecca is one of thirty formal representatives of That Sugar Film.  She also has sixteen years as a Naturopath, is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and also had a short stint as a Dental Nurse. So you can be assured Rebecca has the passion, knowledge, skills, and commitment,   to help her clients and members of her local community, evaluate their dietary habits, and make the necessary changes to lower their sugar consumption.  That’s right, lower sugar intake.  It’s not about quitting sugar!

The Ambassador program expands Rebecca’s rich toolkit of resources to engage local communities through a range of activities including:

  • Community, school and workplace information sessions
  • That Sugar Film screenings
  • Engaging schools with the That Sugar Film school’s program and School Action Toolkit
  • Helping Activated schools become healthier environments
  • Facilitating workshops and cooking classes
  • Participating in Q & A panels
  • Raising funds for the Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Foundation

The purpose of these community events is for you to gain a better understanding of what “healthy” food is, where sugar is lurking in everyday items, how to make better choices, why reducing sugar is more than just a matter of will power, and how you can play such an important role in living the best health possible. “Sow the seeds for good health, not disease”.

To learn more about how Rebecca can help have a positive impact on your health, your workplace, your school or your sporting group etc. Please get in touch with Feeling Healthy 69 Anderson Street Yarraville 9687 5333


Upcoming events:

  • Come along for our grand opening on Saturday 5th November where Rebecca will share with you:

5 Things You Must Know About Sugar To Help Your Health – 3pm

17th  November –  Bust Your Sugar Workshop/Webinar (Time to be announced)