Hair Bio-Profiler Yarraville

Every one of us is a unique individual, living in a unique environment, which makes all of our nutritional needs unlike anyone elses. Constantly changing diets and environmental factors mean we are all exposed to illness and toxins every day of our lives. This creates varying demands for certain nutrients on an ever changing daily basis. The Hair Bio-Profiler takes the guess work out of what your body needs to help it perform at an optimum level.

What is the Hair Bio-Profiler? hair bio-profiler yarraville

Have a look at the video below to see exactly how the hair bio-profiler works


The hair bio-profiler is non-invasive and uses the latest technology. It reveal some of the dietary, nutritional and lifestyle factors that can have yarraville naturopathydetrimental effects on the body.

How Does The Hair Bio-Profiler Work?

Hair is considered to be one of the best biological monitors. As early as 1857, hair was being used to trace the bodies toxicity levels. It has been proven to accumulate a substantial amount of the bodies excretions, making it the best source of information about an individual. Using a few strands of your hair and specialist technology that has been developed into an innovative procedure that analyses the hairs complex informational patterns. The signals emitted by the human hair are digitized, processed and stored. Reconstructive algorithms are then used to interpret the data to produce real time results.

What Will The Results Tell Me?

The results can help to identify the factors that could contribute to the bodies poor cellular environment. The analysis revels the bodies toxins, pathogens, food sensitivities and nutritional requirements. You will receive a detailed, easy to understand, 20 page report complete with graphs, details of the findings and recommendations can then be made on how to address your nutrition gaps or challenges. When deficiencies show up in the report you will be able to see exactly where your weaknesses are and what you can do about it.

Results will include:


Identifies if toxins are causing you a problem and if so which ones and what you can do to avoid and eliminate them. By removing the toxic burden from your system you will allow your body to function normally and improve your health.


Identifies pathogens (bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses) that are weakening your immune system and indicates how you can get rid of them. This will strengthen your immune system and boost your bodies ability to defend itself.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Finds out if your body is deficient in certain nutrients and describes which foods you can eat and products you can take to put things right and boost your health.

Food Intolerance

Measures the bodies reaction to 115 foods and ingredients to ascertain if you may have become intolerant to them. This knowledge helps you to avoid problem foods and the stress they can cause your body, which in turn will help speed your recovery to good health.

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