Six keys to get kids eating good food

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January 25, 2018
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Sunflower Satay
February 9, 2018

Many families I see are struggling with this very issue and appreciate some easy and helpful tips.  Having two children myself we have been through some fussy eating stages.  Without a doubt, what goes into our blood, affects our cells, tissues, organs and even thoughts. We feel different eating meat or broccoli, compared to a packet of chocolate biscuits. Fortunately, by making healthy changes to diet and lifestyle, health can be improved and risk factors reduced.

  1. Take things slowly. Ideally heathy eating should start when your child is young, but don’t let that stop you with older kids.  Take it one food at a time so you don’t overwhelm them and you can track which foods work and which don’t.  Making the rule that they have to try something three times before deciding if they like it or not can be helpful.  Keep in mind that just because they don’t like it now, they may like it down the track.
  2. You may not like it but your kids may love it. My daughter has always been a fantastic veggie eater, to the point she can eat a capsicum like an apple, certainly hard to believe she is my daughter as I didn’t like capsicum as a child and would pick it out of everything.
  3. Get your kids involved. Children like to feel included.  Get them to firstly help you shop for the healthy foods and then they can help you cook in the kitchen.
  1. Making cooking fun enhances the experience. In my kitchen we love having music on whilst cooking.  Remember it usually takes a little longer when cooking with kids, and there might be some extra mess.
  2. If your kids are older and have difficulty making healthy changes, watching documentaries such as That Sugar Film together as a family can help them understand what processed foods do to their bodies. Have a family review at the end and see what changes are healthy for you to make.
  1. Set a good example. Walk the talk.  Kids learn by watching what the significant people in their life are doing.  Do you sit down to a bowl of ice cream as desert but tell the kids to grab a piece of fruit?

To help get you started, I’ve put together two favourite recipes your kids will love, just click on the pictures below.  Once they find that healthy foods taste good, it is easier to continue eating healthier.

healthy eating Yarraville Naturopathy

Cheeky Chickpea Dip

Sunflower Satay

What tips do you use to get your kids eating healthier?

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