Mind Therapy

Thought Field Therapy

Described as the “power therapy of the 21st century”, TFT is exploding with success around the world. TFT brings rapid relief and resolution of most common psychological and emotional problems including: anxiety, phobia, irrational fears, stress, trauma, grief/loss, anger, rage, shame, guilt & obsession. Workshops and private consultations available

Counselling and Psychotherapy

When working with a counsellor, you become aware of your thoughts and how they affect your body. Learn stress management and relaxation techniques that empower you to a new level of understanding in which you can take control of your health, happiness and success.


Our hypnobirthing sessions are designed to eliminate fear, trauma and stress around birth. We are bombarded with fear and negativity about how painful birthing a baby is, but if women got the opportunity to learn about the physiology of their body, they would understand that birthing is a natural process and it is fear that gets in the way.

Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis works with the subconscious part of your brain to re-program negative and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and install positive suggestions that allow you to evolve to your ideal self. It can help you to quit smoking, alleviate fear, reduce alcohol consumption and much more.

Come On In

We are open 6 days a week.