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Massage Therapy 

At Feeling Healthy Tweed Heads, our caring and experienced massage therapist Edmore, provides effective, safe and tailored treatments to help you relax and improve your health and well being. You can simply choose your favourite massage style or after discussing your goals and needs with your practitioner, time can be spent working on a given area or specific need.

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Hi, I’m Edmore!

As a qualified remedial, sports, relaxation and pregnancy massage therapist, I’ve been providing expert massage services for almost 30 years.   My joy is supporting my clients to live a great life and achieve their aspirations.   I’ve supported clients to move more freely, recover lost movement – even to run marathons!

How I Help

What I love is relationships, connection and being of service in helping people.  This led me to do further studies in Remedial Massage and Bodywork.  I have been in this industry now for almost 30 years and truly love what I do.   I help stretch people not only with their physical bodies… but also what is possible for them.  I have supported clients who have never run before complete ultra marathons.

* Free half hour massage gifted to existing clients after their 3rd session. See Edmore for details

Massage Types Available


Deep tissue treatment to restore function and eliminate discomfort. Ideal for work and posture related issues, injuries and chronic pain.


Soothing and therapeutic treatment designed to relax the nervous system, relieve physical tension and soothe sore muscles & promote relaxation.


A blend of vigorous massage techniques designed to release muscle tension. Optimise performance, increase flexibility, prevent injuries and rehab injuries.

Pregnancy Massage

A comfortable and relaxing pregnancy massage with the use of appropriate oils. A  soothing treatment to relieve muscle aches & discomfort.

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Meet Edmore 

Born in Zimbabwe, I was an avid soccer player and came to Australia when I was 17 years old. Coming to a new culture and learning a new language was a challenge at times.  I used my love and skills in soccer to connect with people when language was a barrier. I  played semi professional league soccer for many years and my dreams were to play professionally.  I even once owned a restaurant in Adelaide!

As a massage therapist I’ve always had a skill for instinctively knowing what my clients need.  My clients report great improvements from our sessions. Loyal clients have followed my recent move interstate & I regularly return to my previous clinic to booked out sessions.  I look forward to helping you!

, Feeling Healthy

Uplevel your body and Uplevel your Life!

Many people feel tired a lot of the time and put off what needs to be done. It can be pretty difficult to keep on top of everything that life throws at us when we feel lethargic. Work often seems ‘too much’ and our relationships tend to suffer as we often feel overwhelmed or cannot be bothered to give it our all.

So what can we do to change this? We can get a massage in Tweed Heads to support our tired and stressed body and this is indeed a great support. Massage has several physical and mental and emotional benefits including:

● Reducing Muscle Tension
● Improving Circulation
● Reduction of Stress Hormones
● Increased mobility
● Reduced anxiety and depression
● Heightened mental alertness
● And much, much more

Give us a call or book online the best massage in Coolangatta and let your body heal with our amazing remedial and sports massage therapist Edmore!


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