Natural Medicine Week May 21 – 27 2018

Discover more about Natural Medicine during this great and eventful week of celebrations! Proudly support by the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS), Natural Medicine Week aims to promote, educate and raise awareness of the important role natural medicine practitioners play in the health and well being of Australians.

Feeling Healthy has joined in the celebrations this year and has the following amazing offers for all NEW clients ready to take control of their health.


Naturopathy – FREE 30 minute Discovery Sessions

Come in and invest just 30 minutes of your time with our Naturopath and discover where and why you may be struggling with your health. Your health goal could be to increase energy, reduce stress and anxiety, lose weight, something more specific and personal like IBS or digestive issues… or you just want to get your health back on track, we can help you.

Let us guide and navigate you through the world of contradictory nutritional advice and help you understand what works for you!

Click here to find out more about our Naturopathy services.


Nutrition – FREE 20 minute Nutrition Consult with a COMPLIMENTARY Body Composition Analysis (Valued at $80)

Is your weight affecting you living the best life that you can? Swamped with all the information and diets flooding the internet? Constantly checking the number of the scale but not seeing a difference? Or perhaps the number is lower/higher but there’s no physical change? Chat with our Nutritionist and let them point you in the right direction!

During Natural Medicine Week we’re including a COMPLIMENTARY Body Composition Analysis with the FREE Nutrition Consults. Find out a full break down of your body (Fat %, Water Weight, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass AND Metabolic Age), and start making changes in your health!


Massage – 25% OFF 60 Minute Relaxation Massages ($75)

Use this great week of celebrations as an excuse to treat yourself to some quality self-care and me time. Let go off all your worries and stresses for one hour as you escape in to a bliss of relaxation. Your problems will be left behind the moment you step foot in to Feeling Healthy and most likely easier to deal with after your massage. Taking time out to relax is one of the best and most important step to looking after your health!

Take up this amazing offer and put yourself first! Your mind and body will thank you for it, we know it!



Don’t miss out on this ONE WEEK only offers! Call reception on 9687 5333 or email us reception@feelinghealthy.com.au to book!