Naturopathic Medicine treats many health conditions by utilising the body’s inherent ability to heal. It incorporates nutritional medicine, such as vitamin and mineral therapy, herbal medicine and dietary analysis and advice. The role of a Naturopath is to facilitate the healing process with the aid of natural, non toxic therapies. At an initial consultation many questions are asked and tests are conducted to make an assessment that takes into account present and past symptoms, medical history, family history, environmental factors, lifestyle and psychological factors.

From our wellness hub located in Tweed Heads, our Naturopath Rosanna Mosca offers face to face consultations as well as online sessions. We guarantee the same quality for those choosing our digital services. Since before Covid, our professionals have been constantly training to keep up with the latest trends. We are now equipped to assist patients all over the world.

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We are currently offering a FREE 30 minute discovery session with one of our Naturopaths. This is your opportunity to find out more about what we do and how we can help you.

A variety of Diagnostic Tests are used, some of which include:

  • Hair Bio Profiler identifying factors that could contribute to the body’s poor cellular environment, including toxins, pathogens, nutritional deficiencies and food intolerance.
  • lridology (Iris analysis) indicating which symptoms of the body are under-functioning, and to what extent the body is affected by stress or toxicity.
    VLA – Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Ageing, determines muscle mass, body fat percentage, hydration status, toxicity status and biological age versus chronological age.
  • Blood Type Testing, to determine your blood type.
  • Urinary Indican Testing.
  • Urine and Saliva Analysis.

Tailored health maintenance programs can be developed for detoxification, stress management, weight loss and more. Whether you have a specific diagnosed health problem, or are simply not feeling “as good as you could be”, great results can be achieved by using Naturopathy.

Rosanna Mosca has 25 years of experience as a naturopath, but as well as this she has qualifications in clinical hypnosis, psychotherapy and counseling.  Therefore, your whole life will be assessed and reviewed to work out your best path to health.

Gold coast is a wonderful vibrant city to live in, no doubt about that! But as with all cities, it comes at a cost to your health.

Every day we are exposed to pollution from cars and buses not to mention invisible exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation from our phones, TV’s, computers, wi-fi, etc.

And not only that: our internal environment is also a source of toxins. Whether it be emotional or dietary our bodies are under constant attack.

This leads us to one important question: how do we stay healthy while living in a toxic environment?

As a Naturopath in Coolangatta, I have many clients feeling rundown, stressed and sick. They believe that eating a variety of foods, plenty of veggies, avoiding alcohol and not smoking is the solution for everyone. However, considering the environment that we live in, achieving optimum health is more complex than just focusing on one or two things.

Seeing a Naturopath expands your awareness of all the contributing factors that lead to ill health. I focus on each of my clients’ necessities and offer a customised plan and give them lifestyle suggestions according to their schedules and goals.

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