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Hi, I’m Rosanna!

As a qualified naturopath, TFT/EFT practitioner and hypnotherapist, I’ve been in the healing profession for over 30 years now.   I feel amazing gratitude every day that I have the gift of working with people to transform their health and lives.

You found your way here today as have health concerns or emotional issues effecting your life. Being able to move on from these would be life-changing for you! I am so thankful you found me! I have help many, many clients over my 30 years in practice – I know I can help you too!

How I Help

We start our work together with an in-depth Initial Consultation where we discuss your current concerns and your longer term goals.  I take a full health history and perform a detailed Health Analysis Test, covering 17 different elements of your current state of health.  Expertly blending all of this information I craft a completely unique, tailored treatment protocol, targeted toward your health goals. We work together through a series of consultations, moving you forward towards health.  My aim is your health and wellness and we work together to acheive it.

Special Offers


, Feeling Healthy

$390 Consult + Testing

A comprehensive 1 hour naturopathic consultation with Rosanna PLUS a comprehensive Health & Wellness Test, complete with a 30+ page report of findings.  A thorough health review & treatment plan uniquely created for every client.


, Feeling Healthy

$995 - 6 session package

Super value 6 session package created to support your emotional wellbeing. Working with a range of emotional releasing techniques you will be supported to release emotions that might be holding you back.

, Feeling Healthy

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathic Medicine supports many health conditions by utilising the body’s inherent ability to heal. It incorporates nutritional medicine, such as vitamin and mineral therapy, herbal medicine, dietary analysis and lifestyle advice. The role of a Naturopath is to facilitate the healing process with the aid of natural, non toxic therapies. 

From our wellness hub located in Tweed Heads, our Naturopath Rosanna Mosca offers face to face consultations as well as online sessions. Our clinic offers the same professional service both inperson and online. We are equipped with the latest technologies to be able to service clients worldwide.

naturopathy & emotional healing

Meet Rosanna
Qualified Naturopath, TFT/EFT Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

In true Piscean style… I love humanity… I love watching sunrises and sunsets and a full moon glistening over the sea.  I believe anything is possible as long you believe it is possible and have the right tools to support you.  Truth and expression are my highest values.  

I have been in the healing profession for over 30 years now and I feel gratitude everyday to have had the gift of working with people so intimately to help transform their health and lives. 

When I was in my last year of high school my mum was battling Leukaemia – she was give 6 months to live and told to get her affairs in order.  It was a traumatic time for our family.  Things changed when she decided to see a Naturopath.  Over time mum got better and better!  It truly felt like a miracle, but I know there were lots of changes that she made.  I made a vow to myself that if naturopathy could help my mum, then this is what I would dedicate my life to.  I am happy to say my Mum is still with us (at the time of writing she is 87 years old) She lives a full & independent life, and is such an inspiration to me! 

, Feeling Healthy

My Beliefs & Values

One of the things I learnt through my mums recovery was the power of the mind. Once I completed my Naturopathic Degree I wanted to learn everything I could about the mind and how our thoughts effected our biochemistry.  I have qualifications is Clinical Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, Counselling and specialise in tools such as TFT which help release trauma and restore balance to the energy system of the body, transforming to expanded energy and flow in life.

I believe when dis-ease has reached the physical body it needs to be dealt with on a physical level eg nutrition, change in diet, detoxing, physical therapists etc.  BUT to really get to the core of healing change needs to occur on an emotional and energetic level.

I help my clients connect to who they really are by clearing what no longer supports them. This helps them step into their ideal self on physical health level through knowing themselves on a emotional and spiritual level.

Like to know more?

I know naturopathy is new to many people and that once you experience it for yourself, you’ll understand the incredible healing power of natural medicine! That is why I offer a FREE INTRODUCTORY SESSION.  Secure yourself a time and let’s get you on the path to wellbeing!

Gold coast is a wonderful vibrant city to live in, no doubt about that! But as with all cities, it comes at a cost to your health.  Every day we are exposed to pollution from cars and buses not to mention invisible exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation from our phones, TV’s, computers, wi-fi, etc.  And not only that: our internal environment is also a source of toxins. Whether it be emotional or dietary our bodies are under constant attack.

This leads us to one important question: how do we stay healthy while living in a toxic environment?

As a Naturopath in Coolangatta, I have many clients feeling rundown, stressed and sick. They believe that eating a variety of foods, plenty of veggies, avoiding alcohol and not smoking is the solution for everyone. However, considering the environment that we live in, achieving optimum health is more complex than just focusing on one or two things.

Seeing a Naturopath expands your awareness of all the contributing factors that lead to ill health. I focus on each of my clients’ necessities and offer a customised plan and give them lifestyle suggestions according to their schedules and goals.


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