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December 11, 2017
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We’ve recently introduced Reiki to our services here at Feeling Healthy. Most of our clients are probably all confused thinking, “What on earth is Reiki? How do I even pronounce it?”.

Firstly Reiki is pronounced Ray-Key, and it is a Japanese technique used for spiritual healing and self-improvement. Reiki energy or ‘life force energy’ encourages one to let go of all tension, anxiety, fear or other negative feelings and a state of peace and well-being is experienced. A Reiki practitioner or Master is attuned to being the channel of life force energy. This is administered by placing their hands above or gently on the body of the person receiving the treatment. When one’s life force energy is low, they are more likely to get sick or feel stressed.

Reiki treats the whole body on a spiritual, physical, emotional and mental level. It is simple, safe and effective for anyone. It is effective in supporting your body and facilitating the healing process. Reiki can be received on it’s own as a healing treatment or is safely used in conjunction with medicine and will not interfere or diminish the effects of other health or medical practices.

What will I feel during a Reiki treatment?

During the treatment one may feel very relaxed, peaceful, can experience tingling or warmth and may even fall asleep. Most of the time a person will feel relaxed and uplifted by a Reiki treatment.

However, sometimes a person will have what is called a healing crisis. As a person’s vibration goes up, toxins that have been stored in the body will be released into the blood stream to be filtered by the liver and kidneys and removed from the system. When this happens, sometimes a person can get a headache or stomach ache or feel weak. Your body is going through this feeling because it’s cleansing as part of the healing process so it’s a good sign.

If you experience a healing crisis, it’s recommended you do the following:

  1. Drink more water
  2. Eat lighter meals
  3. Get more rest

Reiki is spiritual in nature however it is not a religion. There is nothing you must believe in order to receive or learn Reiki. it is also not dependent on belief at all and will work regardless if you believe in it or not.


Is it safe on pregnant women?

Since Reiki ig guided by the Higher Power, the Reiki energy will know the condition of the client and adjust appropriately. Many pregnant women have received treatments with great benefit to them and their unborn child. It has also been used during child birth.


Great! What about babies?

Babies love Reiki and it is very healthy for them. Some parents have concerns it’ll be too strong however Reiki automatically adjusts to what the baby needs.

Intrigued by Reiki? Are you ready to try it out yourself? Click here to book in an appointment with Donna today!






Donna Bartolo

Massage Therapist and Reiki Master