Rosanna Mosca

BHSc, ND, Dip Psych, DIP CH, TFTdx., MCMA

With over 25 years of experience, Rosanna Mosca has a vast variety of tools and techniques to help you make your life and health the best it can be.
After completing her degree in Naturopathy she went on to study everything she could about the mind and gained qualifications in Clinical Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and Counselling.
We are all made up of energy and energy can be changed. Emotion is energy in motion. If there is a blockage of energy or emotions this creates dis-ease in the body. Once it manifests in the physical body, the stage is set for illness and disease and it needs to be treated on a physical level, e.g. through nourishing the body, removing toxins, and eliminating inflammation.
To truly heal you need to transform the energy on whatever level it has manifested whether it be physical, mental, spiritual, emotional or nutritional.
Rosanna conducts a series of tests to ascertain where your body is out of balance. Armed with this knowledge, she will then support you in the way you need most.

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A note from Rosanna

Hi everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my page. I am delighted you are taking steps to begin your health journey and would love to be able to support you along the way. Over the 25+ years I have been a Naturopath I have treated a wide range of clients with an even wider range of issues. If you would like to know more about who I am and what I do then please read on below or call our wonderful reception team on (03) 9687 5333 who will be happy to help.

Yours in health

Rosanna xx

Below are some of the areas Rosanna specialises in


With over 25 years experience in Naturopathy Rosanna treats not only the symptoms but the cause of illnesses. Many people come to Rosanna when they have seen many specialists and doctors and still find themselves unable to get the results they are looking for. From hormones to weight loss, stress to fatigue and everything in between, Rosanna is yet to find a client she has been unable to help in some way on their health journey.

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Rosanna undertakes a wide range of counselling to suit the needs of her clients. From trauma to relationship problems and everything in between. Rosanna has over 15 years experience is counselling.

Thought Field Therapy

Rosanna is a highly qualified transformational Naturopath/Psychotherapist who specialises in addressing the emotional aspects of issues. Rosanna was personally trained by TFT creator Clinical Psychologist Dr Roger Callahn and she teaches the most up to date techniques for suffers to treat themselves.

Rosanna is endorsed by the International Asociation of Thought Field Therapy and is licensed to teach TFT around the world.

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Rosanna has extensively training in Hypnobirthing and is proud to have helped many families aproach birth as a positive and empowering experience requiring little to no medical intervention or pain relief. Rosanna also used Hypnobirthing techniques when giving birth to her son Edson. Click on Read Moreto read her story and the testimonials of her many clients

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Sleep Talk For Children

Rosanna is among a handful of therapists in Australia to be an accredited Sleep Talk For Children Consultant. This therapy empowers parents to build their children’s self esteem through a  simply process taking only a few minutes each day. Sleep Talk for Children  helps children with self confidence, self esteem, settling into new situations, dealing with divorce or death and many other common childhood issues.

Clinical Hypnosis

Rosanna is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and uses these skills to help people quit smoking, loose weight, reduce anxiety, cure addictions and deal with phobias and fears. Rosanna trained at the Academy of Hypnotic Science – Australias first and largest training facility for Clinical Hypnosis.

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Diagnostic Testing

Rosanna uses the latest technology to perform scientific diagnostic testing. This allows her to accurately treat and measure over time her clients health and well being

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Ear Candling

Ear candling is a natural ear cleaning technique that has been practiced by thousands of years. This painless and safe method assists in the removal of excess earwax, infections and residuals of past infections.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy is a non invasive treatment used to treat a variety of physical issues

Testimonials - What people say about Rosanna

Overcoming School Anxiety

Dear Rosanna

I wanted to let you know how ecstatic we are with the results from using Sleep Talk Children technique on our daughter Isabella. As you know Isabella has struggled severely with separation anxiety since her days at kinder, she is now 9 years old.  She has struggled with school drop off’s since Prep and she is now in Year 3.

Last year it was recommended that we see a child Psychologist which we did for the whole year. There were minor improvements but it didn’t take much for her to regress to her old ways of crying and feeling sad. Things like her teacher or best friend being away or returning to school after school holidays would all see Isabella in a terrible state.  It has been so bad at times over the last 4 years that I have seriously considering home schooling her but I knew ultimately that that wouldn’t help her in the long term.  We know that there have been no issues at school, she has had wonderfully supportive teachers and friends but it was never enough.

I am so thankful that we came and saw you earlier this year and you suggested we do the Sleep Talk Children technique.  It sounded too good to be true but we were desperate to help our child as it is heartbreaking to see your child constantly struggle to the point of being hysterical at school.

It has been a good 3 months using your technique and we are amazed.  Isabella is happy in the morning, gives me a kiss and walks into her class and starts chatting with her friends, wow!  She talks about school and her friends all the time and just seems very content and settled.  I asked her recently why she thought she was doing so well at school drop off and she said she didn’t know, she just felt different.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Rosanna, you have changed our lives forever.

Diane and family

Health Funds and Payment

Payment must be made at the time of consult, we accept credit card, debit card and cash.

Rosanna is registered with all Health Funds and appointments can be claimed under Naturopathy. Please check with your fund to see if you are covered.

Packages are available.

Days and Availability

Rosanna currently works at Feeling Healthy on the following days:

Tuesdays – 9am – 6pm

Thursdays – 9am – 7pm

Every second Saturday afternoon – from 1.30pm

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To see Rosannas current available appointment times or to book an appointment, please click on the button below or call our friendly reception team on (03) 9687 5333

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