DECEMBER 29th @ 1:00 NSW/Melbourne time

TFT Webinar

, Feeling Healthy

If you want next year to be different, fulfilling, and balanced, you will need to make changes and meaningful improvements in your life. It has been said many times, the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result… Make 2021 a year where you will do something different to let go off that which doesn’t serve or support you and align yourself to what you want and who you want to be. If you want something to change first we must change…

Join me on our live zoom webinar which will be focused on letting go of 2020 and creating your desired 2021.

Instead of just focusing on one bad habit or negative part of your life to change, you will need to set strong intentions for what you want to manifest, how you want to be in 2021. And, before we can focus on the year ahead, we need to let go of the past.

Most people approach the New Year in the same old manner every year. We will be doing something different, first healing the challenges of last year, then setting our intentions for a whole and balanced state of change. The kind of change that helps our body, mind, and spirit to do what they naturally are designed to do: renew and revitalize, living with passion and purpose.


 We know that fulfilling your purpose and giving to others can only be accomplished when you can learn from the current year, then leave it behind, empowering yourself to begin living your best life possible in 2021. So we’ve designed our year-end webinar for this year to support you on that path to reach optimal wellness and vitality.

We will help you release 2020 so that you can begin 2021 creating and manifesting the life you desire.

Join us and discover how to:

  • Heal the past – letting go
  • Forgiveness – releasing blame
  • Release negative emotions such as anger, guilt, fear and anxiety
  • Achieving peace
  • Setting our intention
  • Clearing blocks to manifesting that intention
  • Aligning ourselves to our intention
  • Changing our vibration – attracting what we desire rather than more of the same


Join me for the live webinar on Zoom, and see how you can move into next year with ease.

Take advantage of the early bird price and pay now or before 23rd December for only $99

We are here to help you tap into a better year.

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