Spring is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and get on top of Hayfever for good.

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Hayfever cure Yarraville

Hayfever cure Yarraville

Melbourne’s dismal winter is finally showing signs of abating.

For many people, this cold, wet and overcast weather makes them want to stay indoors, sleep longer and eat more. It robs them of their motivation and creates a depressive, lackluster mood.

The good news is that Spring is finally here. Bringing with it sunnier skies and warm winds that make being outdoors much more inviting.

It’s as though we as human beings are coming out of hibernation! This is nature’s cue to create a renewed sense of energy and vitality.

Just as we are motivated to spring clean our homes, our bodies are craving a spring clean too. It’s time to dust off the dry skin and dispense with cosy days in front of the heater. Now is the time to drink up (water that is) and step outside for a walk in the sunshine.

Listen to the birds chirping and the lawn mowers creating all that freshly cut grass. Blossoms and wattles are on every street corner and pollen is well, just everywhere.

If you’re a hayfever sufferer Spring time can be met with a sense of trepidation. Yes you want to enjoy the outdoors but perhaps it would be better to stay inside with the windows shut, to try to protect yourself from all that pollen that triggers an attack of itchy eyes, itchy throat and sneezing.

If you do venture outside you’ll be sure to take your anti-histamine with you.

Seasonal hayfever can be a hellish experience. Being allergic to the great outdoors is just miserable. So do you continue to put up with the symptoms as best you can or is there something that can be done to fortify your body to deal with hayfever for good?

The Naturopathic approach to hayfever is to create the right ‘terrain’ in your gut so that you can withstand seasonal allergies. You will learn how your immune system is over reacting to pollen and how to dampen down this immune response. You will discover ways to tweak your diet and lifestyle so that you are much less likely to experience it in the future.

There has never been a more important time to get on top of your hayfever symptoms. Last year’s incidence of thunderstorm asthma caught many people off guard. For many the only thing that predisposed them to this severe and sometimes fatal condition was that they were hayfever sufferers.

Now is the time to take charge of your health and enjoy the beauty of spring time.

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Blog written by Merril Bowater