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August 11, 2016
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Dear Rosanna,

I wanted to express our sincere gratitude for your emotional and physical support during my pregnancy. I would always look forward to our monthly hypnobirthing sessions as lovely relaxing retreats and I am a true believer in the power of these techniques after being blessed with really positive memories of the birth of our first child in April.

I am so happy to share with you the gentle birth of our son Cory on 4th April 2014.

As you know I was really looking forward to a positive, natural birth for our first child so during my pregnancy I prepared as well as I could with our regular hypnobirthing sessions focussing on breathing and relaxation, as well as hiring a doula Bethany to support myself and my husband alongside the hospital staff.

We had intentions for a natural water birth at the Royal Women’s Hospital and as recommended, we planned to labour at home for as long as possible. We had armed ourselves with affirmations to put up in the birthing suite as well as light touch massage techniques and our doula Bethany’s bag of tricks including aromatherapy and her acupressure expertise.

Early Thursday morning my waters gently broke and I started feeling some very mild contractions throughout the morning. As the day progressed so did my labour and I handled each contraction with deep breathing, repeating my ‘word’ – which was ‘relax’ and drowning out the intensity with a low, deep growl. Not knowing how long my labour would take I decided to just handle each contraction the same way until it didn’t work anymore, remembering the affirmation Bethany had written for me – “The power and intensity of my contractions CANNOT be stronger than me, because it IS me”.

As the hours passed I occasionally laid down to try and rest but found that the contractions were more difficult than when I was standing up or moving around. I would listen to relaxation tracks and Travis and Bethany were both amazing as they took it in turns to massage my back, reminding me to concentrate on my breathing and encouraging me as I faced each contraction. I remember feeling so clear and alert throughout – this was very disconcerting as I felt that active labour must be a long way off if I was still being so logical and polite to everyone!

On Friday morning I had some more intense contractions where I actually felt my body opening up more and by around 11am my curiosity finally got the better of me and I reached down and felt – to my surprise and relief – that our baby was crowning. Travis positioned a mirror so that I could see and before I knew it Bethany had spoken to the hospital and 000 and the ambulance had arrived.

I had certainly underestimated myself right up until that last 30 minutes, in fact I had felt so calm and in control throughout my labour that I breathed and walked myself right through ‘transition’ to calmly birthing our baby boy drug-free at home.

By midday I was cuddling our precious baby boy in my arms and Travis was cutting the umbilical cord. Imagine my pride when I arrived at the hospital that afternoon with my little bundle of joy!

Anyone would think that a surprise homebirth (especially for a first time mum) would be quite dramatic and stressful but thanks to my wonderful birth team as well as the confidence I had gained through my hypnobirth sessions I feel incredibly empowered whenever I recall our son’s birthday and am so excited to share my story.

Throughout my pregnancy I looked after my own wellbeing and kept a positive mindset by surrounding myself only with positive, calm birth stories. My husband Travis and I also had a strong support team in our doula Bethany Meakin and naturopath Rosanna Mosca and (late entrants) paramedics Ian and Jasmine who were all vital in giving our son Cory a very gentle welcome into the world.

Little Cory is thriving and is a very relaxed baby, which I am confident is due to his very gentle, intervention-free welcome into the world.

Rosanna I will wholeheartedly recommend you to friends and family looking for a more natural approach to health and especially pregnancy and childbirth. You are a big part of the reason I have such an empowering story to share with other first time mums,

Thank you.


Christie McIntosh September 12, 2016