Overcame 3 years of Chronic Illness

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April 26, 2016
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April 26, 2016

After a very difficult 3 years of extreme chronic illness (tick-borne infection, chronic fatigue, and finally an auto-immune (Fibromyalgia) diagnosis from 2 top specialists at a major Melbourne hospital), I was not in a good place health-wise, and I (and my family) had had enough!  I had been on antibiotics for 12 months (unintentional to be on them for so long, but I would get worse when I stopped them – and it took that long for my specialists to find the right medications for me).  Anyway, my story is long and complicated, but I won’t bore you.

Cutting to the chase, Rebecca worked with me to find the right healing foods for my body (I undertook the diagnostic testing which highlighted problem foods for me, toxicity levels, and vitamin/mineral deficiencies).  Both the combination of the right foods and the vitamins/minerals, and continued repair of my damaged gut, together with a great deal of support from Rebecca has had a huge effect on me – I am now able to live a normal life again.  I went from feeling like an 85 year old woman in almost constant pain, to back to feeling my age again (now 41), and able to live a very active and fulfilling life.  In fact, my diet is healthier than it has ever been (I used to be a very fit person pre-illness running approx. 20-30km per week), but the difference between eating what I thought was healthy for me, and what was actually best for my body has made a huge impact.

Rebecca was always very gentle with the changes she implemented, and backed up the changes with support and ideas to help make any transition as smooth as possible.  In fact Rebecca explained my condition (Fibromyalgia) to me better and more thoroughly than my specialists did, and she had a very clear plan of action for me.  I really feel like Rebecca cares and takes a whole-life approach to wellness.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Don’t wait until you have a major health crisis to have a consultation with Rebecca – be proactive to prevent having to go through any major illness in the first place!  I lost nearly 3 years of the ability to live a normal life (work, be the parent I want, study, socialising etc.), and I don’t want to waste another day!

Kirsty April 26, 2016