Thought Field Therapy Programme

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TFT eliminates fears, phobias, stress, trauma, anxiety, guilt, grief, obsession and overcomes physical addictions and withdrawal symptoms – without using needles, drugs or changing your belief systems.

After many requests Rosanna is once again running her highly successful TFT Workshop. Come along and learn the technique so you can use on yourself or others.

Learn not only the most powerful technique you will ever experience, but also an amazing life long tool over the course of two days on Sunday May 20th and Sunday May 27th.


See what clients say about this workshop and Thought Field Therapy,

“TFT has given me a new lease on life. The possibilities for my future look fantastic both personally and professionally.” – Dr. Robyn Arnold

“A major trauma occurred when i was 8 years old and has negatively controlled me all my life (I am now 42). It is now gone. I no longer have nightmares and think about it everyday. Words cannot express my thanks. TFT has made a significant change to my life! Thank you Rosanna.” – Annie Schmidt (Manager)

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TFT works by tapping a different acupressure meridian points in a certain sequence, helping you to eliminate phobias, addictions and deal with grief or trauma.

With a 98% success rate, TFT is non-invasive, drug free treatment that promotes stress management and relief, as well as eliminating anxiety and anxiety related issues.

Say goodbye to common problems such as:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Phobias
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Smoking
  • Weight gain
  • Addiction

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Information sessions will be held at the clinic at the following dates:

  • 7pm Tuesday April 17th
  • 7pm Thursday April 26th
  • 7PM Tuesday May 1st

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For more information contact us on 9687 5333 or email us at reception@feelinghealthy.com.au. Or click here to find out more about this transformational therapy

Rosanna Mosca

Rosanna is a highly qualified transformational Naturopath/Psychotherapist who specialises in addressing the emotional aspects of issues. Rosanna was personally trained by TFT creator Clinical Psychologist Dr Roger Callahn and she teaches the most up to date techniques for suffers to treat themselves.

Rosanna is endorsed by the International Association of Thought Field Therapy and is licensed to teach TFT around the world.

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  • Dear Rosanna, I wanted to express our sincere gratitude for your emotional and physical support during my pregnancy. I would always look forward to our monthly hypnobirthing sessions as lovely relaxing retreats and I am a true believer in the power of these techniques after being blessed with really positive memories of the birth of our first child in April. I am so happy to share with you the gentle birth of our son Cory on 4th April 2014. As you know I was really looking forward to a positive, natural birth for our first child so during my pregnancy I prepared as well as I could with our regular hypnobirthing sessions focussing on breathing and relaxation, as well as hiring a doula Bethany to support myself and my husband alongside the hospital staff. We had intentions for a natural water birth at the Royal Women’s Hospital and as recommended, we planned to labour at home for as long as possible. We had armed ourselves with affirmations to put up in the birthing suite as well as light touch massage techniques and our doula Bethany’s bag of tricks including aromatherapy and her acupressure expertise. Early Thursday morning my waters gently broke and I started feeling some very mild contractions throughout the morning. As the day progressed so did my labour and I handled each contraction with deep breathing, repeating my ‘word’ – which was ‘relax’ and drowning out the intensity with a low, deep growl. Not knowing how long my labour would take I decided to just handle each contraction the same way until it didn’t work anymore, remembering the affirmation Bethany had written for me - “The power and intensity of my contractions CANNOT be stronger than me, because it IS me”. As the hours passed I occasionally laid down to try and rest but found that the contractions were more difficult than when I was standing up or moving around. I would listen to relaxation tracks and Travis and Bethany were both amazing as they took it in turns to massage my back, reminding me to concentrate on my breathing and encouraging me as I faced each contraction. I remember feeling so clear and alert throughout – this was very disconcerting as I felt that active labour must be a long way off if I was still being so logical and polite to everyone! On Friday morning I had some more intense contractions where I actually felt my body opening up more and by around 11am my curiosity finally got the better of me and I reached down and felt – to my surprise and relief - that our baby was crowning. Travis positioned a mirror so that I could see and before I knew it Bethany had spoken to the hospital and 000 and the ambulance had arrived. I had certainly underestimated myself right up until that last 30 minutes, in fact I had felt so calm and in control throughout my labour that I breathed and walked myself right through ‘transition’ to calmly birthing our baby boy drug-free at home. By midday I was cuddling our precious baby boy in my arms and Travis was cutting the umbilical cord. Imagine my pride when I arrived at the hospital that afternoon with my little bundle of joy! Anyone would think that a surprise homebirth (especially for a first time mum) would be quite dramatic and stressful but thanks to my wonderful birth team as well as the confidence I had gained through my hypnobirth sessions I feel incredibly empowered whenever I recall our son’s birthday and am so excited to share my story. Throughout my pregnancy I looked after my own wellbeing and kept a positive mindset by surrounding myself only with positive, calm birth stories. My husband Travis and I also had a strong support team in our doula Bethany Meakin and naturopath Rosanna Mosca and (late entrants) paramedics Ian and Jasmine who were all vital in giving our son Cory a very gentle welcome into the world. Little Cory is thriving and is a very relaxed baby, which I am confident is due to his very gentle, intervention-free welcome into the world. Rosanna I will wholeheartedly recommend you to friends and family looking for a more natural approach to health and especially pregnancy and childbirth. You are a big part of the reason I have such an empowering story to share with other first time mums, Thank you. img_3186-1
  • Dear Rosanna, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in your Thought Field Therapy workshops. I have suffered from panic attacks for 30 years and although over the years I learnt to manage the attacks by avoiding situations which trigger them and by adjusting my lifestyle to minimize stress and anxiety, I also learnt that panic and anxiety are unpredictable and can strike at any time. Nevertheless, I tired my best to control them as best I could. However, as opportunities for leadership came my way, it became increasingly difficult to use my usual avoidance tactics and I realized that I needed to face my fears. My greatest fear was public speaking. Any time I had to read or speak in front of peers I would have one or multiple panic attacks: heart racing; sweaty palms; shortness of breath; wanting to escape and feeling totally out of control and terrified. Desperate to address the problem, I went to a hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapy worked for a while and then, one day, while I was speaking in public, I experienced an enormous attack and felt totally shattered. My self-respect plummeted and the cycle of avoidance began again. My confidence was at an all time low. After a few months my determination to find something to help me re-emerged and my search led me to Thought Field Therapy. I bought a book, did some reading and research and then I heard about Rosanna’s course and decided to give it a shot. It sounded like a miracle cure, too good to be true but desperate and determined I decided to give it a go. A week after completing the course I broke my addiction to coffee; something I didn’t think was at all possible. I didn’t really need as much will power as I thought because the tapping takes care of that. I even used the tapping to lessen the debilitating headaches I experienced from caffeine withdrawal. Not long after the course, I had to read in front of an assembly full of students (600) and teachers. Prior to the assembly, I practiced collarbone breathing, selected an appropriate algorithm and practiced it. Feeling a little nervous, I stepped on stage and called for quiet. As soon as I read my first word I felt a surge of confidence and power soar through my veins and I knew that the tapping had worked. About one month later, I was asked to present a new document to the staff (about 60 teachers). I knew that this was going to be a big test as this was my biggest nightmare. However, I knew I had a skill at my finger tips and this was going to show me whether Thought Field Therapy really worked to alleviate public speaking anxiety. I did my collarbone breathing, tapped during the day and prior to the meeting. I had butterflies in my stomach, felt nervous and apprehensive but no panic attack. When I got up to speak I was feeling a little anxious but as soon as I began to speak I felt a surge of confidence and I presented the new document articulately, clearly and confidently. I felt great and self-respect returned. This was a huge confidence boost. My latest test came a week ago when I decided to apply for a job and got an interview. Having to address a group of high profile people about my skills and answer a series of unseen questions was panic attack territory. I used a combination of collarbone breathing and the anxiety algorithm the night before the interview. The next day, I had a fairly busy schedule before the interview but I had about half an hour to compose myself and do some collarbone breathing exercises. I breezed through the interview without a panic attack in sight. Since doing the course with Rosanna my confidence has soured, I take more risks, and avoid less. I feel I have a control mechanism literally at my fingertips which I can use when the need arises. Thought Field Therapy is an amazing technique which works whether you believe in it or not. Anyone can literally tap themselves to mental health. Thank you Rosanna for your expertise and direction in this wonderful therapy. Regards
  • I am so happy I chose to do the 3 week detox at ‘Feeling Healthy’.  This is one of the best things I have ever done for my body! In the past I have had a lot of stomach problems but when I was on this detox I had no such problems. During this course I enjoyed the variety of foods, the textures, colours and tastes!  I thought that the recipes might be bland and boring but I was completely wrong. I loved the meals from the yummy smoothies in the morning to the creative and colourful salads at lunch and the dinners were always delicious and tasty.  I have learnt to love Kale in a few different ways; cooked and raw, and with the yummy salad dressings and different colourful combinations, kale in a salad is divine! Now, since I finished the 3-week course, my skin looks and feels clearer.  I have a lot more energy and I don’t feel tired and lethargic like I used to. My stress levels have calmed right down while on this detox and I have lost weight too! I have kept up with many of the delicious smoothies for my breakfasts. I’ve also continued with some of the salads and dinners as a way of eating more healthily in the future. This 3-week course is something that I would like to do every 6 months. Thank you to Rosanna for teaching me the reasons for and the benefits of the different colours of foods and the purpose this has in my body along the way. Do your body, yourself and your health a favour and try this detox.  You will not regret it. It just may be the best thing you have ever done for yourself!
  • “I’ve Lost More Than 25 Kilo’s Without Even Trying, I Feel Happier, Light Hearted and Carefree, and Over The Past 2 Years I’ve Increased Profits In My Own Business By 15,554% – and I Owe It All To Rosanna Mosca!” “When I first began seeing Rosanna my life was a mess. I was stuck in an unhappy marriage, I was overweight, had a serious work related back injury, generally felt miserable and uninspired and was struggling to get my business off the ground. After only two weeks seeing Rosanna my wife and I agreed to separate on amicable terms and remain close friends to this day. I immediately began losing weight slowly and steadily while actually doing less exercise! From being in constant pain, my back improved and above all else I felt better and more confident in myself. I feel happy, light hearted and carefree, extremely confident in myself and my own abilities and have begun branching out and trying new things. And my business has improved spectacularly – a 15,554% increase in profits over the past two years while working less hours! I don’t know exactly how TFT works, but I certainly can’t argue with the results! Right now I am experiencing a very difficult situation but am able to cope with stress so much better and am 100% confident in my ability to deal with this and any situation that may arise in the future. If you’re currently “stuck” in any area of your life and want to get results fast, then I cannot recommend Rosanna highly enough. It’s certainly worked for me and I have no doubt it will work for you too!”
  • I was sceptical that the TFT method would work on my fear of heights which I have had all my life. It is stopped me from doing lots of things I would have otherwise enjoyed as well as well as making many day to day things such as going up escalators difficult due to the anxiety. I did the TFT method specifically for my fear of heights.  It took about 20 minutes.  I hadn’t tested whether it worked until about 2 weeks later when I went on a ski trip. I hadn’t gone to the snow for 12 years mainly as I feared the heights in driving up the mountain and especially sitting on a ski chair lift which would totally freak me out going 10 meters or more up in mid air. I was pleasantly surprised that TFT actually worked!  I actually enjoyed sitting up high in the air observing everything around the mountain and watching what was going on below me with appreciation and fun, instead of the expected dread and trauma that would normally be associated with this activity. I then tested it out in other circumstances; in tall buildings looking down to the street, walking on a high bridge/pier and looking down to the water and amazingly, the good results have remained effective and I no longer fear heights!!!! Thank you Rosanna for your help and guidance with the TFT technique which I highly recommend.
  • Rosanna Mosca has been my therapist for around 7 months and since seeing her, I certainly have noticed a marked improvement in my thought processes and everyday attitude towards life. She has given me the tools to be genuinely happy! I am 29 years old and have been working through depression most of my adult life, after a less than perfect upbringing. Join the club, hey! Around 10 years ago, I started to question the way I was feeling and in my own way, started on a journey of self discovery. I say ‘in my own way’, as I didn’t seek professional advice or counsel – I read books and attended seminars. I found that slowly but surely I was improving and becoming the person I knew I could be. I want to emphasis the fact that my improvement was slow and very hard work. Therefore, as you could imagine, I continued to look for news to improve myself. Around October 2004, I finally decided to seek professional assistance, after admitting that I could not do this ALL by myself. I ‘interviewed’ a number of psychotherapists, Rosanna being one of them. Out of the three therapists I ‘interviewed’, Rosanna was the one that I felt the most warmth from, and felt comfortable discussing my situation with. Her plan for me was structured and results driven and it didn’t dwell too much on the past, but would instead help me focus on ‘the now’. This would be accomplished by use of Thought Field Therapy (TFT), discussion, advice and small weekly tasks. After the first few sessions of TFT, I felt an automatic improvement. I felt a lot lighter than I’d felt for at least 10 years, my head no longer possessed that heavy, throbbing feeling that comes with constant daily battles within myself. I was looking at life more positively and could really feel a marked improvement in my quality of life. After around three months of TFT, I felt the best I’d felt since I was a child – without a care in the world! Instead of having to be mindful of my negative thoughts and training myself to think otherwise – I was innately feeling happy. These positive thoughts were now occurring naturally, it was a life changing experience! Now, I smile and talk with strangers, I see the good in everything and everyone, I even sometimes stop and admire trees and birds – I finally feel like the person I want to be! It is truly an amazing feeling!! Friends and family comment on how calm and balanced I am, my thought processes are clear and concise and now I find myself giving loving advice to family members that I’d once despised! 7 months on, I feel I know myself so much more than I did previously. I still have some low periods, as everyone does – but they are not as dramatic and no where near as depressed as before I met Rosanna. Rosanna’s kind and spiritual approach coupled with TFT has given me the tools to really be genuinely happy and balanced for the rest of my life. Thank you Rosanna and I wish you and your family all the very best in health and happiness for now and the future.
  • …chocolate was only an occasional treat - Easter, Christmas, birthdays – until I became pregnant with my first child. The sweet cravings drew me to chocolate and before I knew it I was addicted. I would eat chocolate to balance my blood sugar levels, as an anti-stress agent when my children would stress me (which was daily), and also as end of the day treat. One half-hour treatment of Thought Field Therapy with Rosanna and all cravings, desire, and need for chocolate were gone! – I can’t believe it was so simple and so easy. A month later I tried chocolate to see if that would trigger the cravings again, and although I continued to eat the chocolate until it was gone I had no attachment to it and no desire to have it again. I look at chocolate in my cupboard every day as if it were the flour or vegemite whereas previously if I saw chocolate in the cupboard I had to eat it – all. Thought Field Therapy is definitely a great way to give up addictions. Thank you Rosanna.
  • Rosanna, …. Thanks again for your help . Being a smoker for 22 years, I had tried every conceivable method, program to quit. Non worked permanently. I had wanted to give up so many times but after short periods of abstaining would reason that "I'll die of something anyway" then returned to smoking. I had read about this new treatment called "Thought Field Therapy" and thought, what have I got to lose. I went into the session not knowing whether this would work for me but I kept an open mind. After the first session I walked out knowing that I would never smoke again. I can't explain why I thought this but I did. I now need to be reminded that I was once a smoker because it's just not something that I think about anymore. The thing that amazed me was the lack of stress associated with this treatment compared to other treatment and programs I had tried. I can honestly say that I have never felt this confident before that I will remain a non-smoker, again I can't explain why, suffice to say, lighting up a cigarette is not a thought that I have anymore. I can highly recommend this treatment. I am happy to be contacted to share this experience*. * Please contact our office for phone number.
  • To Whom it May Concern, I would like to take this opportunity to not only recommend the amazing work of Rosanna Mosca, but to thank her for changing my life. I have had a medical/needle phobia for nearly all of my life (as far back as I can remember). The phobia was to the point where vaccinations at school led to me either running away, fainting or being forcefully dragged by two or more teachers to receive the needle. In later years when decisions were in my own hands, I point blank, refused to have any needles, blood tests etc. I have travelled the world without vaccinations, received dental fillings without any pain relief, and run out of many doctors’ surgeries! etc It was only during pregnancy, (which I had put off for as long as I thought possible due to this phobia), that I knew I had to do something as at least two blood tests are required during this time, and as it was no longer just my health, but the health of my unborn baby that was at risk. Rosanna’s name was suggested to me and so off I went for an appointment. After just one session of thought field therapy with Rosanna, I headed to have a blood test. I was so used to having the feeling of fear eat me up before something like this, that I wasn’t sure how to feel. I actually slept the night before ( a first!) and then had to wait for almost half an hour in the waiting room, a notion that would have made me fill with dread and most likely leave in the past, but I had a calmness that had never occurred before. I must say, I still wasn’t the bravest of recipients, but it was a totally new experience for me to accept that this is what was happening and that I could deal with it. As it happens, my pregnancy had its complications, the most significant for me being that I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This involves four blood sugar tests per day and one insulin injection every day!!!! What a big test for the work I had done with Rosanna! We have also dealt with birthing issues and baby bonding issues and as the day approaches, I am feeling happy and comfortable with what I am about to undertake. Through the work I have done with Rosanna, this has all been achievable to the amazement of family, friends and doctors who know me. What a traumatic time this would have been for both myself and my unborn baby, if I had not had the opportunity to be on the receiving end of Rosanna’s kindness, guidance, understanding and knowledge of her field. Thanks Rosanna. Kind regards,
  • Dear Rosanna I wanted to let you know how ecstatic we are with the results from using Sleep Talk Children technique on our daughter Isabella. As you know Isabella has struggled severely with separation anxiety since her days at kinder, she is now 9 years old.  She has struggled with school drop off’s since Prep and she is now in Year 3. Last year it was recommended that we see a child Psychologist which we did for the whole year. There were minor improvements but it didn’t take much for her to regress to her old ways of crying and feeling sad. Things like her teacher or best friend being away or returning to school after school holidays would all see Isabella in a terrible state.  It has been so bad at times over the last 4 years that I have seriously considering home schooling her but I knew ultimately that that wouldn’t help her in the long term.  We know that there have been no issues at school, she has had wonderfully supportive teachers and friends but it was never enough. I am so thankful that we came and saw you earlier this year and you suggested we do the Sleep Talk Children technique.  It sounded too good to be true but we were desperate to help our child as it is heartbreaking to see your child constantly struggle to the point of being hysterical at school. It has been a good 3 months using your technique and we are amazed.  Isabella is happy in the morning, gives me a kiss and walks into her class and starts chatting with her friends, wow!  She talks about school and her friends all the time and just seems very content and settled.  I asked her recently why she thought she was doing so well at school drop off and she said she didn’t know, she just felt different. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Rosanna, you have changed our lives forever.
    Diane and family
  • Thank you to Feeling Healthy! - Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I could run 2km let along 15km! It all started when my sister in law told me that I had to get a massage from Edmore, ‘he is incredible” she said and relived her from back pain. Thankfully I took her advice and made an appointment. Who would have ever thought by just getting a massage I would be changing the direction of the most important thing in my life “MY HEALTH & FITNESS”. Over a few visits Edmore tried to convince me to take baby steps and challenge myself to be able to obtain weight loss and fitness goals that I wanted to achieve. Well I have to be honest with you I thought I would just agree and humour him because I really didn’t think I could do it. But before I knew it I was looking up fun runs and came across the Run for the Kids which cover a 5km & 15km course. When I saw that the 15km went through the Domain Tunnel and over the Bolte Bridge I wanted to do this run. On my next visit Edmore asked me if I found a fun run to do, when I told him what I wanted to do, not only was he over the moon for me but helped me with my training as I had no idea where to start. With every visit we would discuss where I was at with my training and what I needed to do next. Then my world just opened up more when Edmore introduced me to Rosanna who helped me with my health and weight loss goals. Like probably the majority of the population I have tried many weight loss programs but only had short terms results. I was informed by an Oncologist that I needed to loose 10kg as my body was carrying a lot of visceral fat around vital organs. I did loose quite a bit on my own but must admit it was a hard battle and did take 2 years. Then I became stuck in that wonderful thing we call Plateau and nothing worked, which left me feeling really flat and disheartened. The best thing that then happened for me was the Weight Loss Blast course run by Rosanna. I lost 1.5kg within 3 weeks and increased muscle growth. But best of all couldn’t believe my energy levels! The thing I really like about this course is you are not set menus but taught how to read labels, which foods do what and so much more. I still have two more weeks with this program and couldn’t be more excited to seeing positive results happening for me. I can’t thank Edmore and Rosanna for all the new tools they have taught me and always going that one step more than they have to! I have no hesitation in recommending “Feeling Healthy” to anyone. And at the young age of 53 you can still learn great things for a better healthy life style, with the right people around you to help you with your journey. Edmore and Rosanna, I can’t thank you enough and I feel truly wonderful and alive again. My journey started from a simple massage and then tackling challenges like the 5km Colour Run to the 15km Run for the Kids. I look forward to many more new adventures and with you all in my corner know I’m finally headed in the right direction.
  • Just wanted to say a big thank you to Edmore.

    I booked in for a massage last night through your website, which was super easy and accessible. With not having been to Feeling Healthy before I was just after a massage to help relive my back pain. I got so much more. New techniques I have never had anyone use on me before that most certainly gave me movement I haven't had in ages. I also had the best sleep last night which also hasn't happened in ages and can only put it down to Edmore.

    All I can say is see you two weeks!

  • I had a real fear of flying.  The strange thing was the more I flew the worse I got.  The thought of a plane, or going to the airport to pick someone up, even the sound of a plane going over whilst hanging out the washing, was enough to make my stomach tie up in knots and bring on a sick, churning feeling.  I hadn’t even had a “bad” plane experience.  No rough trips or problems with my ears, nothing at all. It was just there. It was something I had for years and could never control it myself no matter what I tried.  I imagined that I was just travelling in a car or bus but I always felt that “nothingness” underneath me.  The different sounds that the engines make, the clink of the wheels going up or down, the creaking of the plane’s interior, the general noise inside the plane. It was just everything and I found it very unnerving.  Then, my husband was re-located to Auckland with his work so I had to make several trips across the Tasman.  I needed help. I had seen Rosanna Mosca previously for a couple of Thought Field Therapy sessions relating to another issue and had great results so I put my faith in her once again. I can’t believe how successful my TFT session was.  Something that is so simple, quick and painless has given me a new found freedom.  The outcome was amazing. The sick feeling and the churning in my stomach just began easing bit by bit with each sequence Rosanna did.  I am now flying regularly to Auckland without even a hint of anxiousness, and I might add, I am on the plane on my own.  I could never ever have done that. It is like a huge weight has been lifted off me and I cannot explain the feeling of calm and sense of achievement that I have.  I am really proud of myself, but to be honest, I owe it all to Rosanna and TFT.
  • Rosanna, I'd like to thank you so much for helping me conquer my biggest fear in life - blood. After a lifetime of anxiety about blood test, pin pricks, cuts and injuries, even thinking and talking about blood made me feel extremely anxious and want to faint.  I am so proud to say that after just two Thought Field Therapy (TFT) sessions with you, I have conquered it. It feels incredibly liberating to know that I no longer have to go out of my way to avoid seeing, thinking or talking about blood. As you know from my first session I was highly anxious even discussing blood with you. Yesterday was a very proud moment for me as I allowed myself to have my finger pricked (my worst imaginable fear about blood) and I felt no anxiety about doing it and actually laughed straight afterwards. Never in my life did I think I could feel so calm about having a pin pricked in my finger.  Anyone who has ever had a major fear/phobia will understand how big a deal this was for me. Thank you again for helping me move forward with this part of my life!
  • [KGVID width="300" height="169"]https://feelinghealthy.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Shelley-McCallum.mp4[/KGVID]
  • Hi Rosanna, I just wanted to personally thank you for changing our life. Just 5 months ago my wife and I made the decision to 'get healthy' as we were unhappy with our bodies, how food was consuming our lives and in a rut. For newly weds, that's not a good space to be in. We were both fairly active, had good employment but we knew we weren't living to our fullest potential. After the initial consultation, we found out how unhealthy we really were. Personally, I was over double my age in health, obese, full of toxins, down and very embarrassed. I considered myself a good person and knowledgable. But the fact was I wasn't taking care of myself and that filters onto others in my network and lifestyle. 5 months on my wife has lost 14 kilos and I 20, with drastic reductions in body fat, increase in muscle mass, energy, happiness and love for each other. I cannot recommend to other partners the power of doing it as a team. Outside of ourselves, our relationships with those around us has improved considerably. We are rebooted, reignited and ultra positive about the future. Our view on food has changed dramatically, our taste buds have changed completely and when we look at natural food we see life. We would highly recommend you to family and friends (and have). I personally would feel comfortable for anyone considering this journey to give me a ring. Rosanna will change your lives for the better whilst providing education and guidance along the way. All you have to do is care about yourself enough to do it. You deserve it. Thank you. Our journey continues and we look forward to starting a family with your guidance along the way.
  • “I think the diet and nutrients have made a great improvement to my wellbeing. I have lost weight, have no indigestion and more energy.” Jenny of Burnside
  • Undergoing Thought Field therapy restored my life back to balance and harmony. I am a 49 year old woman who has a wonderful life. 30 years of marriage, two grown up children, yet I found myself very depressed. I was apathetic, miserable, sat at home all day on the couch watching television. I just couldn’t be bothered doing anything or enjoying anything. I was recommended to Rosanna by a friend who saw her for an addiction and had immediate success. Rosanna and I talked about how I was feeling, my lack of motivation, adjusting to life after the children left home. After the thought field therapy session I felt this great weight lifted off my shoulders, I felt bright, alert and very happy, and I have stayed that way. Thought Field Therapy is a remarkable therapy that is fast and very effective and I would recommend it and Rosanna to anybody. Yours thankfully,
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me prepare for my pregnancy, throughout my pregnancy and with the birth of my beautiful heathy baby boy. I believe it has made a huge difference in my life and would highly recommend your services to my friends and family. Shortly after completing a detox that you recommended and guided me through, I fell pregnant. Not only did I feel healthy, but I knew that my baby would have a great start to his life before and after birth. I needed to take care of developing baby and I throughout my pregnancy and you helped me along the way. All I ever wanted was to have a natural drug free birth. This led me to hypnobirthing which you helped me with and thoroughly enjoyed our one on one sessions. The techniques that you taught me, from deep breathing, hypnosis, helping me feel relaxed and releasing all those fears was something I never imagined was possible. The breathing technique during our sessions is what helped me the most along with the hypnobirthing music. I kept reminding myself that I'm what I'm feeling is pressure and thought back to our sessions and what we did to help me along. I distinctively remember my OB and midwife saying "It's so calm in this room and the words that you're listening to is beautiful". I was amazed at how open and supportive they were with my hypnobirthing wishes throughout the whole labour. I was internally examined between 12am-1am on Saturday which was 18hrs after labouring. My fill in OB advised that I was 2cms dilated and recommended to artificially break my waters and start the oxytocin drip due to no progress. Baby and I were being continually monitored on the ECG due to no major movements and was given fluid through an IVF to help hydrate me and help baby's movements increase. I was determined to go through until early morning without my waters being broken and no oxytocin which my OB granted. Throughout the night everything remained stable although there was no progress and my OB returned at 7:30-8am on Saturday and did an internal examination which showed that I had only dilated an extra cm so we then proceeded to artificially breaking my waters and started the oxytocin drip at 9am. I was able to get through this until 12pm due to the augmentation and then opted for some pain relief along with the TENS machine. I'm grateful I did hypnobirthing because it helped me through 30hrs of 32hrs of labour which then resulted in an emergency cesarean due to baby being obstruct and I also had a high temperature. Although this was not what I planned, I was able to use my hypnobirthing techniques throughout my cesarean and knew that what needed to happen was for the safety of my baby and I. Rosanna, a BIG THANK YOU for helping me and definitely recommend you to my family and friends. Many thanks Nella August 2017
  • This is a big thank you to Rosanna for your amazing guidance and support through my recent health journey. Initially I came to Rosanna for both myself and my toddler as we'd experienced over six months of constant sickness. I was feeling exhausted all the time and had problems losing weight. Things weren't right but I didn't know where to start. It only took one consultation with Rosanna and within the week I started feeling improvements. I couldn't believe it! After some time, my improvements started to plateau but I knew I could feel better. Rosanna recommended a detox. I feel like a different person these days. I lost 5kgs on the detox which is back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I have a lot more energy and it's made a huge difference to the health of our whole family. I can't thank Rosanna enough.
  • The first time we took Jasper to a Wiggles concert, he sat frozen in our laps the entire time. He did not clap, bop, dance, sing-along. We noticed this became a bit of trait of his. He did hi-dee-ho music classes at childcare and would sit and watch the other children. At home we would try to include him in singing silly songs or dancing and he would always refuse. This year they held a concert at his Kinder and Jasper was the only child that did not sing. He glanced around embarrassed by the whole display. A few weeks ago we began Sleep Talk with him, figuring we had absolutely nothing to lose. Two weeks after commencing, Jasper's school that he will attending next year held a concert in which they invited the future preps to get up and sing Jingle Bells with the teachers. Jasper lined up with the other children, went up onto a stage without knowing anyone, and sang in front of a massive crowd of parents and kids. I still get goose bumps when I think about it. If that newfound confidence is a result of two weeks of Sleep Talk then we will most certainly be continuing with it. Thanks for your help so far
  • I have struggled with insomnia on and off for around four years, but the last 12 months have been the worst. I have tried everything, and I mean everything. Valerian in tea form, Valerian in capsule form, passionflower tea, chamomile tea, sleepy tea, every tea rumoured to help. I tried homeopathic melatonin, diet alterations, meditation, relaxation, every mindfulness CD or app ever made. Nothing natural worked long-term. The only thing that worked for me was Tamazepam. I hated relying on prescription medication, especially one with harmful side effects, but it was my only guarantee of sleep and I have three young children to care for. Two weeks ago I start taking a low dose of GABA an hour before bed. Not only have I slept every one of those fourteen nights, I have fallen asleep in under half an hour each time. I have also been able to fall back asleep after getting up to the children during the night. Even during periods of anxiety, it has still been effective. I am relieved to finally have something that works, that is not harmful or addictive.
  • I felt comfortable knowing that I was in great hands. Merril listened and put me on a detox plan that gave me more energy and I felt fantastic! I lost weight and started to enjoy life again. The products were all top of the range and I definitely would recommend to anyone” Louise, Caroline Springs