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TFT eliminates fears, phobias, stress, trauma, anxiety, guilt, grief, obsession and overcomes physical addictions and withdrawal symptoms - without using needles, drugs or changing your belief systems.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a cutting edge technique that enables you to conquer emotional distress, including phobias, anxiety, stress, compulsions and many other emotional concerns. TFT is based on time-honored principles of both complementary clinical psychology and Chinese medicine. It is a drug-free method that literally taps into the bodies energy and clears up blockages without using acupuncture needles, drugs or any other invasive means.

As children we are born with an innate freedom and pure potential. Unfortunately, as we grow, through the course of lifes trials and tribulations, we’re subjected to trauma, fear and upset, which clouds who we really are. Then as adults we are often inhibited or guided, knowingly or subconsciously, by our interpretation of these events. TFT allows you to free yourself from limitations and open yourself up to your own boundless potential.

What often inhibits us is fear and that inner voice saying, “I just don’t know what to do’ or ‘it’s too hard;’ or I don’t have the capability’ or ‘it won’t work for me’. This is all self sabotage and commonly termed fear of failure.

Self sabotage or psychological reversal is a condition or state that blocks any natural healing and prevents you becoming and achieving everything you want in life. No matter how much you know, if you don’t eliminate psychological reversal, chances are you will self sabotage your life, health, wealth and relationships.

Eliminating Negative Emotions

Over 20 years ago, Dr Roger Callahan PhD a leading American Clinical research psychologist began achieving amazing breakthroughs in eliminating negative emotions and actions. He took the principle of meridians (the bodies energy pathways) and developed a systematic set of techniques for the treatment of emotional problems that he called “Thought Field Therapy” or TFT. TFT is one of the “power therapies”of the new millenium with expoding success across the world.

TFT eliminates fears, phobias, stress, trauma, anxiety, guilt, grief, obsession and overcomes physical addictions and withdrawal symptoms – without using needles, drugs or changing your belief systems.

When someone emotionally revisits an experience or situation, the bodies energy fields align in particular patters, resulting in psychological and physiological disturbances such as pain, upset, anxiety, panic, rage etc. Thought field therapy uses a techniques of identifying and tapping various meridian points in the body in specific sequences. The sequences and meridian points are not the same for everyone, but oce defined, they change the energy pattern and eliminate discomfort. Removing the discomfort or emotional effects from the trauma does not change the reality of the situation. However it allow the person to deal with the reality with clarity and objectivity.

Thought Field Therapy can be used in one to one consultations as well as in groups.

See below some testimonials from our happy clients

I was sceptical that the TFT method would work on my fear of heights which I have had all my life. It is stopped me from doing lots of things I would have otherwise enjoyed as well as well as making many day to day things such as going up escalators difficult due to the anxiety.

I did the TFT method specifically for my fear of heights.  It took about 20 minutes.  I hadn’t tested whether it worked until about 2 weeks later when I went on a ski trip. I hadn’t gone to the snow for 12 years mainly as I feared the heights in driving up the mountain and especially sitting on a ski chair lift which would totally freak me out going 10 meters or more up in mid air.

I was pleasantly surprised that TFT actually worked!  I actually enjoyed sitting up high in the air observing everything around the mountain and watching what was going on below me with appreciation and fun, instead of the expected dread and trauma that would normally be associated with this activity.

I then tested it out in other circumstances; in tall buildings looking down to the street, walking on a high bridge/pier and looking down to the water and amazingly, the good results have remained effective and I no longer fear heights!!!!

Thank you Rosanna for your help and guidance with the TFT technique which I highly recommend.

Maria R. April 26, 2016

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thought field therapy yarraville