Chronic injuries are often carried for a long time, and it usually requires several sessions with a professional to fix the problem once and for all or at least alleviate the pain as much as possible.

Most people think about going to a physio for injuries, but here at Feeling Healthy one of the ways we treat pain is with a massage. Remedial Massage can reduce inflammation, help release the trauma from the injured area and optimize your body’s innate ability to heal.

Time is of the essence

Edmore spends as much time as you need working towards alleviating the pain and helping you recover from an injury. Unlike most health-related practices, our wellness hub offers appointments starting from 30 minutes onwards to make sure there’s enough time to begin the healing process.

Your body, your choice

At Feeling Healthy, we understand how hard it can be to balance family, work and health. You are never locked in a plan, meaning you can choose how often you want to book your sessions. Of course, we will always give you suggestions to ensure you get the most out of it

Budget safe

With our expertise, let us help you balance your health fund throughout the year. We offer a variety of treatments from which you can choose according to your budget and modify it according to your needs or our practitioner’s advice.

Come to Tweed Heads to book your first remedial massage session with Edmore, book online or contact us for any questions.